The Bell Lap Golf Tournament & Banquet for Amateur Athletics

May 31, 2023 | Events, Sponsorships

In the spirit of supporting student-athletes and fostering amateur sports in British Columbia, Noble BC is thrilled to support The Bell Lap Golf Tournament and Banquet. Joining forces with Atrysten Plumbing, Equipco Ltd, Uponor, and Navien, we are committed to making a difference through the Beyond Amateur Athletics Society and Canwest Sports Management.  The beneficiary of this upcoming event, set to take place at Westwood Plateau on June 1st, will be the Simon Fraser University (SFU) Cross Country and Track & Field Programs.


Beyond Amateur Athletics Society: Empowering Student-Athletes, Beyond Amateur Athletics society is dedicated to supporting student-athletes and amateur sports in British Columbia. Beyond just the training and competition aspect, they aim to extend the benefits of sports beyond a four-year varsity experience. Through their initiatives, they harness available resources and corporate partnerships to create a lasting impact. By providing scholarships, mentorship programs, and access to necessary resources, the society helps student-athletes reach their full potential and pursue their athletic dreams while nurturing personal growth.

Canwest Sports Management: Driving Positive Change, Canwest Sports Management shares the belief that sports have the power to generate long-term benefits for athletes and communities alike. They work closely with athletes, sports organizations, not-for-profit groups, and corporate sponsors to create value across the sports and entertainment landscape. By leveraging the influence and reach of sports, they aim to drive social change and positively impact consumer behavior. Through their involvement in The Bell Lap Golf Tournament and Banquet, Canwest Sports Management amplifies the event’s impact and contributes to the mission of supporting amateur athletics.

The Bell Lap Golf Tournament and Banquet: Supporting SFU Athletics, The Bell Lap Golf Tournament and Banquet stands as a remarkable event that directly benefits the SFU Cross Country and Track & Field Programs. These programs offer exceptional opportunities for student-athletes to excel in their sports while pursuing their education. The funds raised through the tournament and banquet contribute to scholarships, training camps, travel expenses, and other resources that enable SFU athletes to thrive. By supporting these programs, the event sponsors and participants make a significant impact on the lives and athletic careers of SFU student-athletes.

Making a Difference Together: The collaboration between Noble BC, Atrysten Plumbing, Equipco Ltd, Uponor, and Navien, exemplifies the power of collective action in the realm of amateur athletics. By working together and leveraging resources and partnerships, these companies create meaningful change in the lives of student-athletes and the broader sports community. The Bell Lap Golf Tournament and Banquet serve as a testament to their shared commitment to supporting and empowering aspiring athletes in BC.


The Bell Lap Golf Tournament and Banquet represents a collective effort to support student-athletes and foster amateur athletics in British Columbia. By empowering athletes beyond their varsity experience and capitalizing on available resources and partnerships, these organizations aim to make a lasting difference. The event’s beneficiary, the SFU Cross Country and Track & Field Programs, will receive vital support to help their athletes succeed. Together, we celebrate the transformative power of sports and its ability to drive positive change in the lives of individuals and communities.