Faucet Finesse: Enhancing Your Kitchen and Bathroom Builds with High-End Plumbing Finishes

Apr 15, 2024 | Educational

One of the simplest ways to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen or bathroom is by upgrading your faucets. Switching to high-efficiency fixtures can save you money and help an outdated space look more modern and aesthetically pleasing. Before visiting your local plumbing supply store, you’ll need an idea of what you’re looking for. Visit any of our Noble BC stores in Vancouver, Surrey, Maple Ridge, Kelowna, Coquitlam, Sechelt or Mission for excellent customer service and everything you need to complete your kitchen or bathroom build.

Consider Your Needs and Research Brands and Models

Before making any decisions, consider what you need from your fixtures. Is your primary goal to save water, or are you looking for a particular style or finish? It’s always a good idea to research various models and brands before settling on a purchase. Choose from reputable brands that are well-known for quality, and read reviews from others to help you narrow down your options prior to deciding on plumbing supplies in Vancouver.

Think about Finish and the Overall Look

When selecting faucets and hardware for your bathroom or kitchen, consider the finish to ensure it complements the overall design scheme. Popular finishes include chrome, stainless steel, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, brass, and matte black. Choose a finish that harmonizes with other fixtures and accessories in the space, enhancing visual cohesion and aesthetic appeal.

Lastly, We Can’t Forget Functionality

Evaluate the functionality of faucets and hardware to match your specific requirements. Features such as single-handle or dual-handle operation, touchless or sensor technology, pull-down or pull-out sprayers, and adjustable water flow and temperature controls should be considered. Prioritize fixtures that offer the desired functionality and convenience for daily use, ensuring they meet your needs effectively and efficiently.

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