Sustainable Plumbing Solutions: Eco-Friendly Materials and Practices for Greener Projects

Apr 11, 2024 | Educational

Whether your goal is to leave a smaller carbon footprint in your commercial space or you are looking for environmentally friendly ways to enhance your plumbing system, there are plenty of plumbing options you can choose from to be “greener.” Before you visit your local plumbing supply store, check out these ideas for making your projects more environmentally friendly. For more assistance and expert advice, stop by any of our Noble BC locations throughout the area, including in Vancouver, Surrey, Mission, Kelowna, Coquitlam, Sechelt or Maple Ridge.

Consider Using Copper or Iron Pipes

While some prefer the ease of use of plastic pipes, they are not as environmentally friendly as other options. They are created using petroleum, which produces carbon emissions. In addition, plastic pipes may release chemicals into the water over time. In place of plastic, consider using copper or iron pipes. Both types are easily recyclable and don’t require solvent-based adhesives, which can be very toxic. You can easily find both types of pipes and additional eco-friendly plumbing supplies in Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

Enhance Your Bathroom Plumbing With Eco-Friendly Upgrades

Bathrooms use a lot of water and are usually the first place you should focus your effort on while making your project “greener.” If possible, consider installing a dual-flush toilet. These types of toilets feature two flushing options, allowing you to use more or less water as needed. Experts at your local plumbing supply store should be able to help you find the right products to upgrade your toilets and all your other bathroom fixtures.

Don’t Forget To Examine Your Outdoor Plumbing

As you’re looking for more environmentally friendly plumbing solutions, don’t forget to go outside and examine your outdoor fixtures. Check for any small leaks around outdoor faucets and consider adding rain barrels to water the lawn, plants and trees around the property. Rain barrels provide you with a free water source, and they can store an ample amount of water for whoever needs it. Rain barrels can save you money and help make the planet a bit better at the same time.

If you’re looking for the right plumbing supplies in Vancouver or the surrounding area, come and visit Noble BC. We are happy to help you locate everything you need to tackle your latest indoor or outdoor plumbing project. Take a short drive and come visit any of our stores in Vancouver, Maple Ridge, Sechelt, Mission, Kelowna, Coquitlam or Surrey today.