Stand-up Shower vs. Tub: Making the Right Choice for Your Bathroom Project

May 7, 2024 | Educational

Interior of bathroom in cool green with a running shower

Choosing between a stand-up shower or tub is a common question when planning a bathroom project. Plumbing supplies Vancouver contractors have available to them present many options. In many ways, the lifestyles and ages of your clientele will influence how you design a bathroom.

Space Constraints

The floor space available for your bath project could make the decision for you. A small stand-up shower can fit in spots where a tub won’t.

Modern vs. Traditional Style

Stand-up showers communicate a modern aesthetic. They can feature glass doors, tile, and multiple shower heads, depending on how fancy you want the new bath to look.

On the other hand, many of your clients will want tubs. They could view a stand-up shower as too limiting. Some people love soaking in a tub.


The budget that you have to work with influences your design decisions about a bath. Prices for plumbing supplies in Vancouver vary according to quality and size.

In many cases, a stand-up shower can be a little less to install than a tub, but this is highly dependent on your choice of materials. For example, building a custom tile, stand-up shower would cost more than installing a basic fiberglass tub.

Another budgetary issue involves the cost of hot water. Filling a tub regularly with hot water will increase utility costs more than showering, especially if you select a high-efficiency shower head.

Know Your Customer

Your decision ultimately comes down to what your customer wants. Tubs remain an essential item in the home among the majority of consumers. This is especially the case for families with young children. They need a tub for washing little ones.

Tubs, however, become undesirable to people with mobility issues. The elderly or disabled can use stand-up showers with greater confidence because they don’t have to step over the side of a tub.

A final consideration when you visit a plumbing supply store is that a house without any tub could constrain the number of people who would buy it. On the other hand, if you’re designing a second bath, then a stand-up shower would be acceptable.

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