Ethics and Compliance Reporting

Emco Corporation, its divisions, and affiliates (collectively, “Emco”), are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards as outlined in our Code of Ethics.  If you believe anyone at Emco has violated our Code of Ethics in their dealings with you or your business, you may report your concerns in the following ways:

Please direct all matters relating to customer-service, product returns, or product issues to the location where you made your purchase. A list of our locations can be found here.

Send an email to compliancereporting@Emcoltd.com

Attn: Ethics and Compliance
2124 Oxford St E, London, ON N5V 0B7, Canada

Click here to access our online fillable form

Call us at 1-833-645-3921 or send a text to 226-268-7572

What to Expect

All ethical concerns will be received and reviewed by Emco’s Legal Department.  Please leave detailed information including the location or employee in question, the date of the event, a description of the nature of your ethical concern, as well as contact information at which to reach you in case further information is required.

A Message from our President, Rick Fantham

Doing the right thing is having integrity and doing what’s right even when no one else is looking. It’s about holding ourselves accountable to a standard where we can be proud of both the What and How. Results are critical to our success, but just as important is how we achieve our results.